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March 2012, French Polynesia

What a long way to come from Panama. 3 months spent up jungle rivers and among undiscovered inlets of the pacific coast. 3 months spent on land in Ecuador getting done what wasn't ready for the big crossing. And then 3 months spent in Polynesia off season.

View from the "Cabin Fatu Hiva"View from the "Cabin Fatu Hiva"


Så er Grappen endnu engang gået over Pacifikken. Smuk tur!

Vi så land i går efter 25 dage fra Galapagos.

Styrekablet gik halvvejs og vi lå underdrejet et par dage i heldigvis stille sø og reparerede.

I går ankrede vi så i læ af Timoe, en lille ubeboet atol. Et par af drengene svømmede i land og spiste de lokale krabber og kokosnødder omkring bålet.

Nu er vi alle vel indregisteret her på smækre Mangareva, og har fået lov at ligge på kajen et par dage. Bytter sprut for frisk frugt med de lokale drenge. Regner med at blive en uge her i bugten.


Oktober 2011, Galapagos

Finally after a long time on the hard in Ecuador, we managed to get away.
A new, great crew has joined us, and we are now Michael from Trinidad, Alex from Norway, Johannes and Oscar from Sweden and myself.

As you can see from the pictures, there was a whole cruise inbetween this one and last time i blogged. We had a very exciting trip down through Darien and the coast of Colombia. Just 4 of us, but every day was a festival, as Andoni, our divemaster and dinnercatcher used to say. In the pics oyu see him and Annette on their daily hunts for all kinds of delicacies.

March 2011

Time to blog again; finally after 3 months of steep learning, mechanical clusterf***s and continous waves of new challenges.

We are now in Sapzurro, the corner of Colombia where the remnants of both the Farc guerillas and the right wing paramilitaries are fighting in the jungle right behind us. They are pushed out here and over the border to Panama as Colombia is desperately trying to become a peaceful country and shed their old reputation as haven for druglords.

See more photos from Sapzurro on

We have had the pleasure of being welcomed here since we arrived in Santa Marta 3 weeks ago. A wonderful peaceful city with great hinterland of huge mountains. We had a few excisions and enjoyed the old city with its clubs and restaurants, the pre-carnaval and the whole bustle of the market area, where we got quite a few things fixed and supplied for the boat.

We came to Santa Marta on a tip from Connie and Fred on 'Tashtego', so it was a great pleasure to hear their welcoming voice on the radio as we came in the marina. We had followed their track all the way from Aruba via Monjes del Sur and Cabo de la Vela. A great service of them to publish their experiences, since there was a lot of opposite advice when we were about to leave the ABC Islands.

(Here I should also have told the whole story about the trip from Trinidad to ABC's, but sorry, you will have to do with the pictures since so much water has run under the keel since then, and the first month was truly drowned in diesel, as the sump-into-tank-leak-diesel-bug-high-pressure-pump-and-injector-clogs bogged us down in Store Bay Tobago)

So we had a great sail along the coast, and will recommend it, but still remind that the weather can be harsh, and the forecasts should be monitored all the time. Thus we waited 3 extra days before leaving Santa Marta, until we had a 'window' we could sail in. Especially because of the dreaded outflow of the Magdalena River, but that was crossed without any discomfort, and after a nights stay at Punta Hermosa, we reached Cartagena. CartagenaCartagena
A great feeling to jump the famous submerged pirate wall, thug it is now marked with 2 big Buoys.

Cartagena Is still a beautiful city, though it has now become an international tourist magnet. We stayed just long enough to repair the windwane and take a 2 day trip to Barranquilla, since its annual carnaval was on. The amazing hospitality of the Colombians made that trip an experience, since at the moment the 4 of us arrived, we were invited to stay at the home of 3 young Barranquilleros. They took us to the parade, home to eat (and drink), out to dance in the street, and we spent the night in their very small house.

From Cartagena we intended to take it easy down the coast and anchor a few places along it. But at Rosarias, the anchorage was rolly, we snapped a mooring and bumped a coral bummy, so the decision was made to continue through the night. Then the night gave us so god winds that we passed the net anchorage at Isla Fuerte, and we had to decide quickly the Sapzurro would be the best next stop. We ended up sailing our longest leg; more than 36 hours.

So now this morning we are preparing to leave for Kuna Yala, the San Blas. We have had a fantastic time here in Sapzurro, for me and Michael at least, who came back yesterday from a horseback 2 day trek, deep in the jungle with a great guide called Pedro (i promised him to mention him, but he also deserves it). That was an amazing ride through dense dense jungle up along creeks and rivers to a place you wouldn't imagine. In here in the Darien a group of people are preparing to leave civilization, as they expect it to collapse in the coming crisis (!). There is already a large house and plantings of vegetables; a big clearing on both sides of a river.

All the pictures will follow later, as well as some from the Carnaval of Barranquilla.

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With Love


Absorbing advice from Connie and FredAbsorbing advice from Connie and Fred

Andrea and Fred selfsteeringAndrea and Fred selfsteering

Andrea watching for fishAndrea watching for fish

Approaching Las AvesApproaching Las Aves


Carnaval at TagangaCarnaval at Taganga


Finally entering WillemstadFinally entering Willemstad

fresh fish at Monjesfresh fish at Monjes

Happy fred and finished barracudaHappy fred and finished barracuda

Iuliane our windwaneIuliane our windwane

Las AvesLas Aves

Las Aves careful coral navigationLas Aves careful coral navigation

Las Aves fishing hutLas Aves fishing hut

Las Aves mangrovesLas Aves mangroves

Los Monjes del Sur lonely rock btw Aruba and ColombiaLos Monjes del Sur lonely rock btw Aruba and Colombia